The Beauty of the Game

There’s something I love about squash and how it gives kids skills for life. Could be true of any sport. But it happens to be true about squash. There is beauty in the game, a beauty that captures the imagination and the heart. There is a right way to swing, a right way to make […]

Learning to Struggle Well

I’m in Philadelphia. At a Girls U11 Gold Squash Tournament. A glass door opens and my daughter, Ellie, exits the court, eyes downcast, shoulders slumped. She has just played a third game in a critical match against a close rival. The score: 1-11. A whitewashing. She had managed just 1 point in an onslaught of […]

Remembering 2018

Dear T Family! As the year draws to a close and we get ready for 2019, let’s pause to recall a few of the highlights from 2018. In January, Coach Dee began an exciting opportunity at Chelsea Piers (a premiere squash club in Connecticut). Dee’s departure prompted Coach Neal to return to the coaching staff, […]

Squash & Facing Adversity

After a recent weekend of coaching Junior Squash, I was thinking about what is beautiful about the competitive experience for children and why I love to coach. The daily tasks of coaching are extremely important. Identifying the fundamental skills needed, preparing exercises to build them and test them, helping a child make progress through these […]

Parenting & Performance

I’ve been thinking about parents and kids and the junior squash scene. What is the role of parental love vs pushing for performance; and how does this impact the way kids grow through advanced squash experiences? This is a tough one for squash parents (for reasons I’ll describe). What parent among us has not felt […]