Squash is a laboratory for personal development

What is the point of competing in squash? To achieve a ranking or lift a tropy? Or is there something else that our kids can develop through the athletic experience? In the quiet of the holidays, between a recent National Tournament in Baltimore and this weekend’s Regional Championships at The T, I find myself thinking: […]

Squash is my canvas . . .

Squash is a canvas where I paint beauty into the world. In recent months, I have worked with a few talented athletes who all share one thing in common. Gifted players, hard workers, lots of potential, but when they step on stage to play what for them is a big match, something happens. Their spirit […]

Mid West Regionals @ The T

On November 30th – December 2nd, the Mid West Regionals Junior Championships will be held at The T. This is our second time hosting this premiere event. Kids from across the region will descend on The T to vie for the honor of being Regional Champ in their division. We will host Boys and Girls […]

Summer Camp at The T!

Summer squash camps are a great way to include exercise and fun into those long summer days. Our squash camps are directed by our professional squash coaches and full of activities that improve squash skills at any level. They’re also a great deal of fun and build confidence, sportsmanship and camaraderie among the campers. What […]

Coach Jon v. Adam Murrills

v. On Monday 13th November, Adam Murrills of England will be coming to the club. He has appeared in 12 World Tour Finals with 3 World Tour Titles to his name! He’s currently at his career high world ranking of 80. Members will have the chance from 6:15pm – 7pm to challenge him in a […]